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About Paradigm Property Inspections, LLC

Paradigm Property Inspections was formed to with the intentions of helping home owners, new and current, realize the importance of monitoring and maintaining the condition of their homes and its systems. To most of us our home is our most valuable asset, and to some it may only be a piece of the portfolio, regardless, when it comes time to convert that asset into cash every homeowner owes it to themselves to know that their home is good working order and worth what they expect it to be worth. Listing your home for sale only to find out weeks before closing from your potential buyers inspector that your home requires thousand or tens of thousands of dollars of maintenance and repairs is the worse news a seller and agent can learn. Not to mention it may even be a deal breaker. At Paradigm Property Inspections we want to encourage home owners to take control of their situation and not end your home maintenance they day after you have your new home inspected for your lender, but rather continue annual home inspections so they can continue to preserve their investment for as long as they hold it.

Whole Home Inspections

Our Process

Roof and Exterior Inspections

Roof & Exterior

Visual examination of roofing materials and installation, wall coverings, eaves, soffits and fascia boards. As well as walkways, driveways, porches, patios, decks and site issues that may adversely affect the structure due to moisture intrusion.

Basemement, Foundations, Crawlspace and Structural Inspections

Basements, Foundations, Crawlspaces & Structure

Visual examination in search of foundation movement, water intrusion, potentially compromised structural members & active water penetration.

Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical & Fireplace

Visual examination of HVAC heating and cooling components and operational testing. Plumbing evaluation searching for leaks and potential safety issues. Electrical testing and visual examination for safety issues.

Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing Inspections

Attic, Insulation, Ventilation, Doors, Windows & Interior

A visual examination of the unfinished spaces of the home looking for presence of insulation and proper ventilation of the home and misc. mechanical exhaust systems from kitchen, bathrooms and laundry areas. Operational testing of doors and windows as well as integrity of window panes. Floors, walls, stairs, steps, ramps, railing and function of the garage doors

Attic, Insulation, Ventilation Inspections

Our Commitment

Paradigm Property Inspections, LLC is here to serve our community and surrounding areas. We take pride in our work and commit to make every effort to ensure that our clients and their agents leave every interaction with us fully satisfied. Without them we cannot help educate home owners on the importance of steadily maintaining their investments over time to avoid having bad news delivered from someone on the other side of the negotiation table, when it matters most.

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